The World Softball League started in 2002 by Owner/CEO John Daniels. The league started with a modest 40 teams and played the innagural championships at Cashman Stadium in Las Vegas, NV. In 2003 the association grew to over 2000 teams. Then in it's 3rd year WSL grew to over 3000 teams and started the Miken / North American Championships in Panama City Beach, FL. Then by 2009, WSL had surpased 10,000 teams nation wide. Had established World Championships in Panama City Beach, also had added a Mid West & West Coast Championships. In 2010 Nathan Kendrick purchased the World Softball League from founder John Daniels. The WSL under Kendrick has grown to over 12,000 teams and added a Southwest World in Texas, moved the MidWest to the Cincinnati / NKY area and the WSL is stronger than ever and is still growing.  



If any parks or person wishing to run WSL  events, please contact us and with everyone's help, we will grow WSL  in our region.